What is the Urban Observatory?

The Urban Observatory is an interactive exhibit that gives you the chance to compare and contrast data from cities around the world–all from one location. It aims to make the world’s data both understandable and useful. Brought to life by Richard Saul Wurman, RadicalMedia, and Esri, it is the first exhibit of its kind.

Coming early 2015 to the Smithsonian Institution. Get a sneak peek today!


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Meet the Urban Observatory Compare App.

This app brings LIVE maps from tons of cities right to your mobile device. So you can compare cool facts about multiple cities anywhere, anytime. (Caution, it’s addictive.)

London / Population Density


New York / Population Density

New York

Tokyo / Population Density


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Interested in getting your city involved in the Urban Observatory? Have data you’d like to share?

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Beginning February 2015, the Urban Observatory will be on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution. This is your chance to get involved in this historic exhibit. (C’mon, we know you’re intrigued.)

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